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Type Food and Crafting Ingredient
Usage Hunger(1), Thirst(1), Crafting
CampfireCampfire + AppleApple = CookedAppleCooked Apple
+ CookedAppleCooked Apple = ApplePieApple Pie
Alchemy Station
+ Apple

Three Apples

= Health Potion

The Apple is the most basic of the food on the island. It only restores 1 thirst and 1 hunger, making it a non-reliable food, but if you cook(craft) it at a Campfire, you can turn it into a Cooked Apple. At a Mill you can turn a Cooked Apple into a Apple Pie. However, it's not the best choice if you're hungry; use a Banana instead.

You use three apples to make a Health Potion at the Alchemy Station.

Later in the game there will be a Dooglefox that will have its mouth open like the altar. It will require apples or it will destroy apples or apple trees.

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