Type Crafting Station
Usage Cooking Food
Small Building Plot + CoalCoal = CampfireCampfire

The Campfire is a crafting station used to cook fish and raw meat. If you don't cook specific food (eg. fish and meat), they will damage you when eaten, so be sure to build and use a Campfire.

Campfire + Bluefish = Cooked Bluefish

Campfire + Raw Alpaca Meat = Cooked Alpaca Meat

Campfire + Raw Giraffe Meat = Cooked Giraffe Meat

Campfire + Apple = Cooked Apple

Campfire + Raw Lion Meat = Cooked Lion Meat

Campfire + Devilfish = Cooked Devilfish

Campfire + Goldfish = Cooked Goldfish

Campfire + Deathfish = Cooked Deathfish

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