This will be a small/large/enormous/infinite list of the ideas that people wish to see in the game.

Ex: this idea and that idea. by (username).

  • A way to increase a plant's/tree's lifespan by 3 seasons by using some sort of fertilizer. The fertilizer can be made in the Crafting Table with Rich Dirt, a rare item in the Grass Biome which can be dug up with a shovel. SealioSeal.
  • Potatoes. They are rare and spawn in Grass Biomes and are a small, leafy plant that produce 2 Potatoes per harvest for a full season until it rots away. When cut, they give 1-3 seeds and restore 3 hunger. Potatoes can also be used with Bluefish and a Water Bucket to make Fish Soup. Easily farmable. Just a little bit smaller than the apple. SealioSeal.
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