Fishing Rod
Type Tool
Usage Fishing
Source Crafting Table
Crafting Bench + String = Fishing Rod

The Fishing Rod is an item which can be crafted using a piece of string from a Crafting Table and is used at water to catch fish and items.

When you click at a valid spot for fishing,  A small red circle with a big white circle will appear on your screen.  When the big white circle is the same size or smaller than the red circle, the red circle will turn green.  Clicking while the red circle is green will lead to success in fishing and give you a random fish.  Otherwise, the fishing will be a failure.  Fishing a lot will lead to a cool-down on fishing.

Items that can be obtained are:

Bluefish: A somewhat large fish colored blue.  This is dubbed "Common".  When cooked, this fish becomes a great source of thirst.

Devilfish: A medium sized fish colored red.  This is dubbed "Uncommon".  When cooked, this fish becomes a great source of hunger. This is the only fish not to effect thirst when cooked.

Goldfish: A smaller fish colored yellow.  This is dubbed "Uncommon".  When cooked, this fish is equivalent to an apple, the only difference being it does not heal and restores 2 bars of thirst instead of 1. This is the smallest fish in the game.

Deathfish: A somewhat large fish colored white.  It looks intimidating with teeth and a mean stare in its eyes.  This is dubbed "Rare".  It is recommended NOT to eat this.  Uncooked, it will remove 2 blocks of thirst and hunger, but when cooked, it appears to remove triple this amount. This is good for sacrificing, however.

Old Boot: A brown boot with black soles.  This is dubbed "Legendary".  More info on this can be found here: