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Giant Chicken
Giant Chicken
Type Hostile
Usage Can be killed for giftboxes
Drops Giftboxes

The Giant Chicken spawns in Volcanic Activity biome, which is the same biome that Pumpkins and Dragon Fruit spawn in. The Giant Chicken is a monstrous black chicken that, when approached, will shoot fireballs at you. The fireballs can go through walls and can remove around 10 points from your health. When killed, the Giant Chicken drops ~4-8 giftboxes.

Giant Chickens can become problems when too many spawn, and in groups they are extremely dangerous. They have plenty of health. The best way to approach a Giant Chicken is with a Bow or Blowgun, as you can shoot him while also being out of its range.

It may seem cool to start in the "wastelands", but trust me. I happened to be that in 2 times, and one of them was NOT funny. We were losing food because of the chicken being near our apple trees, and we didn't have any food or water sources near a safe spot. Also, skeletons caused us trouble. The worst part? We had nothing to protect ourselves with, when someone died with the bow equipped... -SealMaster50

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