There is a number of Glitches in Mount of the Gods. They consist of Beneficial Glitches, and Glitches that are bad for your game. Here are some of the Known Glitches.

Duplication GlitchEdit

The Duplication Glitch occurs when you press F multiple times at a crafting station (Campfire, Furnace, etc.) when you have every ingredient needed to make an item. This is a beneficial glitch, as it can make 2 to 3, and sometimes even 4 of that item. It is hard to perform, as the average player would usually only be able to make two items using this glitch.

Halo Glitch Edit

The Halo Glitch occurs when you equip the halo mask, go to the wardrobe, reset and then quickly equip another mask and afterwards pressing F. You should be able to revive yourself if you did as instructed and have the item that the mask you equipped gives. This glitch will work with all masks, and is very beneficial as it allows you to generate infinite of certain items, with each item taking around 5-10 seconds to get depending on how quick you perform this glitch.

Negative Time Glitch Edit

The Negative Time Glitch is unknown on how it is caused, and rarely ever happens, but what it does is go past 0 on the time limit for each season, causing the timer to infinitely rise and never progress onto the next season. This is NOT beneficial, as there is no way to revert this, causing a soft lock and leading to the server being shut down.

Plot Glitch Edit

The Plot Glitch happens when you jump, then place a large plot (mainly.) This is NOT beneficial as it gets you stuck and you cannot move out of it unless you have any big items, alike a sword or mace. Spam the items, equipping and un-equipping, to try and become un-stuck.