The gods bar will appear at the top of the screen once ingame.




The gods are not viewable in-game. but they appear in most text messages.

What Gods will do if the bar is in RED:

  • Burn the forests. This disables mostly trees, like Apple Trees, and trees destroyed by it don't give any resources.
  • Decrease Hunger or Thirst

What Gods will do if the bar is in YELLOW:

  • Nothing

What Gods will do if the bar is in BLUE:

  • ALWAYS(Exception being Alpaca Land at it's final stage): Expand the island by one tile. See Map Generation.
  • Increase Hunger or Thirst
  • Give you Corn, Java Melon, or Apple Tree seeds. In that order common to least common. Can also give other seeds but these three are the most common.
  • Give a rest period (120 seconds, 80 seconds in hardcore). During a rest period Thirst and Hunger do not decrease.
  • Give you giftboxes

How Common BLUE rewards seem to be in, from most common to least

Seeds > Rest Period > Increase Stats > Giftboxes.