The Model is a golden mushroom found in the Gambling Totem that is useless.

I was in the server's Gambling Totem spot and I found some golden mushroom. It read Model. I could only drop it, so I thought it was useless and threw it in an Altar (also known as the place where you throw things to the gods) and it didn't go away. So I asked what to do with it and a guy said "Chuck it in a house" so I tryed to chuck it in a flying house but I couldn't so I chucked it inside the house next to it. So 5-10 minutes later I went back and thought about that Model thing. I decided to check if it was there and I didnt see it. So, either somebody took it, or it despawned. I know you think this is fake but believe me, this is real. -Cap3535 (alt account Cap3535roblox) 2017.

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