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Mount of the Gods is a co-op based survival game made by Wheatlies and DoogleFoxin which people on an island work together to survive and appease the wrath of the gods.

In this game, the players are faced with a variety of tasks, the foremost being the Sacrificial Meter, a meter that must be filled via giving tribute in the form of Blessings to the gods by the end of each season. Blessings come in many forms, and players must cooperate, aided by each-other, the land, and the Gods in order to obtain them. Not only is the Sacrificial Meter a menace, but players are tasked with having to tend to their own human needs, such as Thirst and Hunger with the rewards given for appeasing the gods mixed with the Island's constant expansion.

Each Season will grant a newly empty Sacrificial Meter which must be filled in the set amount of time. There are three types of appeasement; inadequate, adequate, and beyond expectations. If the players fail to reach adequacy then they will be given a set punishment, such as the forests burning down or permanent stat reduction. If they do fulfill the gods needs, then nothing will happen. If they go beyond expectations, the gods will give them a random reward, ranging from Seeds to Giftboxes. When the Season is over, the Island will expand, and grant the players new resources to obtain and new threats to overcome, and so the cycle continues.

Seasons will start from around a minute long and then continue to become longer and longer, meaning resources will be granted slower and slower.

A large feature in Mount of the Gods is building. There are many structures that the player can build, some of which will serve as workbenches to create things to assist survival as well as make progress the player in the game.

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