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Type Healing Item
Usage Health +2 Hunger +2
BrewingStationAlchemy Station + GreenMushroom2

3 Mushrooms

= MaxHealth Potion

The Mushroom, also known as Green Mushrooms, have a counterpart named the Red Mushroom which are easier to obtain but restore only hunger, not hunger and health. Three Mushrooms can be used in an Alchemy Station to craft a MaxHealth Potion. The Mushroom also heals the player for two points when eaten, and grants two points of hunger. This can be obtained by killing a green mushroom creature or a scorpion. The mushroom monsters usually spawn in caves in the grassy biome and the scorpions spawn in deserts and desert caves. The mushroom monsters glow wherever they go.

Hint: Alpaca Land has a cave for Mushroom Monsters and a desert next to it which has Scorpions. This can be used to get Mushrooms fast (and to make potions, too).

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