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There are several different types of trees on the island, and you will see more variations as the island grows. The fruit trees are types of tree that give the player fruits. An example would an apple tree, a banana tree, etc. Regular trees do not drop any fruit, and will only bear logs and seeds when cut down. However, regular trees are never removed from their generated spot unless they are cut down, or the Gods burn the forests. Trees that bear fruit rot away after an entire cycle of seasons move after the tree is fully grown. It is advised to chop down the tree to get seeds before it dies. Some fruit that trees can drop give the player special properties such as the Glow Tree. The entire list of trees and the fruits that they can grow are here:
  1. Jungle Trees drop Logs and Large Logs.
  2. Apple Trees grow Apples.(duhh)
  3. Banana Trees grow Bananas.(of course they do)
  4. Java Trees grow Java Melons.
  5. Glow Trees grow Glow Fruit.
  6. Big trees drops Logs and Large logs
  7. Swamp trees drops Logs, Large Logs and Mushrooms.
  8. Dragonfruit trees grow Dragonfruit.(obviously)

The list of seeds that these trees can drop is on the Seeds page.