ZeboZaper aka SinisterMemories Edit


ZeboZaper, also known as SinisterMemories is an average M.O.T.G. player. SinisterMemories is often and almost always the farmer when he joins/starts a M.O.T.G server. He is good at farming (preferably bananas). Usually in a server of 5 of less a surplus of bananas is created and a large amount of small logs with that to.

SinisterMemories well often hoard certain objects like diamonds, gift boxes, and diamonds in his hut or in a closed off cave using a Gate. He does this so people don't steal his stuff and use it for their own purposes when he was planning to use it for later. He will also sometimes donate his supplies if someone asks nicely without trying to steal it first.

If you happen to meet SinisterMemories give him a small log and if he takes it you might get something back in the future from him.

~Page was created by ZeboZaper (SinisterMemories). Contact me at in some method and i'll add a page for you maybe if i'm in the mood <3.

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